What Is Masonry Staining? How Can Masonry Be Stained?

January 22, 2019

Are you wondering if masonry staining might be the perfect solution for your next project? Do you need to find out more about this process? Your masonry contractor in Racine, WI is here to help.

To educate yourself about masonry staining, use the following FAQ. If you have additional questions, don’t hesitate to contact your local masonry contractor in Racine, WI for answers.

What is masonry staining?

Masonry staining is a process used to transform the color of masonry. It is an art as well as a science. Technicians use a sheer, professional-grade stain that is customized for each project to achieve the desired color.

What types of masonry can be stained?

Any porous masonry typically works well with water-based masonry stains. Block, concrete, brick, mortar, natural stone, precast and manufactured stone can all be stained. The result is a very natural look.

Is there a difference between professional-grade stain and store-bought stain?

Yes. Store-bought stain does not achieve the results of professional-grade stain. Professional stain is customized to produce exact matches that do not fade with time. The stain changes the color of the masonry to the customized shade without changing the texture of the material. Store-bought stains, on the other hand, offer a paint-like consistency, require maintenance and don’t offer protection against fading.

How can a company achieve an exact color match?

Masonry contractors in Racine, WI typically hand-mix the stain on site, test it and adjust it to create an exact color match.

How do masonry contractors in Racine, WI apply the stain?

When using high-quality products, masonry contractors in Racine, WI can apply the stain by any typical means.

Can a masonry contractor in Racine, WI stain the mortar only?

Yes, the contractor can stain just the mortar, just the brick or both.

Can I use this process to make my masonry lighter?

Yes. Stains can be used to lighten or darken the material, or to change it to any color you desire.

Will my material look painted once the staining is complete?

No. Professional-grade stains do not look like paint. They are sheer and look natural. Additionally, they will not cause any maintenance issues as paint would.

How can I find a trustworthy masonry contractor in Racine, WI?

To find a local expert to handle your masonry staining, check with the Mason Contractors Association of America (MCAA). You can also ask for recommendations from your local Chamber of Commerce, look for online reviews of local contractors or ask for recommendations from friends and neighbors. These references will help ensure you choose a company that is worthy of your trust.

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