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Is It Too Cold to Pave a Concrete Driveway?

October 19, 2020

Can you pave a driveway when it’s cold in Racine, WI? How cold is too cold? Paving driveways and other surfaces is dependent on temperature—when it’s too cold, you run the risk of the concrete not setting properly. For that reason, you not only need to consider the air temperature outside (what you’ll feel when you check your thermometer or your weather app), but the ground temperature as well. With fall already here and winter rapidly approaching, you should either schedule your pavement appointment now, or wait until the spring. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a poor finished product—one that... View Article

Fall Maintenance to Protect Your Pavement Through Winter

October 5, 2020

Now is the perfect time to perform fall maintenance for your pavement in Racine, WI. As long as it’s relatively warm and dry, you can make sure your concrete don’t suffer from the upcoming winter weather. Rain, snow, ice and road salt all take their toll on concrete pavement. If your concrete already has weak spots, the brutal weather will exacerbate them, and you’ll wind up having some big repairs to do once the snow has melted and spring arrives. Instead of making major repairs a few months down the line, why not invest in some preventative maintenance to solve... View Article

How to Protect Your Concrete from Rain

September 22, 2020

Concrete is one of the best options for driveways—it looks great, it’s durable and it can really boost the value of your home. Although it can last for years without cracking, homeowners still need to protect their concrete from rain in Racine, WI by having the surface sealed. This post will cover how driveway sealants help to protect against different elements. Rain It may seem harmless, but rainfall is one of the biggest threats to a concrete driveway. Any water that seeps down into concrete will freeze during the winter months. Water freezes as it expands, eventually causing small cracks,... View Article

Types of Concrete Finishes to Consider for Your Home

August 18, 2020

Concrete is a highly popular construction and paving material, not just for its durability and cost effectiveness, but also for its versatility. If you plan to use concrete for your new patio, you’ll be pleased to know there are a variety of finishes you can choose from to add some personality and aesthetic value to your property. Here are just a few examples of some of the most popular types of concrete finishes you might consider using for your patio in Racine, WI: Concrete stamping: Stamped finishes are created by pressing patterns into freshly poured and leveled concrete. The result... View Article

Brick vs. Concrete Patios: What to Consider

August 4, 2020

A high-quality patio makes for a great outdoor spot to sit and relax during the summer months. The materials you use when constructing your patio will primarily be based on your personal preference—most people will choose either brick pavers or concrete. In making your selection, you should consider both practical and aesthetic factors. Here are a few examples of some of the brick and concrete patio pros and cons to consider when making your selection in Racine, WI. Durability If you’re going to be putting a fairly sizable financial investment into your patio, it only makes sense that you consider... View Article

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