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The Differences Between Types of Concrete Finishes

March 2, 2021

A common practice is to overlay concrete with flooring materials like tile or wood. However, you can achieve the same aesthetic look by altering the concrete itself. Whether stamped, stenciled, polished or stained, a contractor from Racine, WI can help you determine which textured concrete finish is best for the project you have in mind. Stamped concrete Home and business owners in Racine, WI should consider stamped concrete because it mimics the appearance of slate, brick and cobblestone at a fraction of the cost. Installation is also much faster than real stone and requires far less maintenance. However, resealing is... View Article

What to Know About Laying Concrete in the Summer

February 23, 2021

Planning a summer concrete project on your property? It’s important to start researching and planning now, even while we’re still in the late winter. When pouring concrete in the heat in Racine, WI, there are some challenges you’ll have to overcome, particularly the potential for early loss of water from the concrete. Periods of extreme heat, wind or humidity could result in issues with the concrete cracking or setting too quickly. This means you’ll need to take some special precautions with handling, placing, compacting, finishing and curing the concrete. A failure to do so could put you at risk for... View Article

The Six Benefits of Staining Concrete

January 25, 2021

There’s an incorrect assumption that staining only provides an aesthetic refresh to concrete surface, but that’s not the case. You’ll find that this customization process offers various benefits to property owners with concrete surfaces throughout their homes or businesses. Find out why staining concrete in Racine, WI is a good investment. Should you stain your concrete floors? Even if you’re satisfied with the look of your concrete flooring, there’s many other reasons to consider staining. We recommend staining and coloring concrete in Racine, WI to all of our customers because of the many benefits of this treatment method: Increased durability:... View Article

Why You Should Invest in Concrete Waterproofing

January 11, 2021

Racine County gets 35 inches of rainfall every year, and 40 inches of snow. While all of this precipitation sustains all of the beautiful plant life in our community, water is enemy number one for any sort of concrete surfaces, from foundations to retaining walls. That’s why we’re proud to offer high-quality services when you need help waterproofing concrete in Racine, WI and the surrounding areas. Why is concrete waterproofing important? There’s loads of concrete throughout a variety of residential and commercial structures. Even though homes and businesses rely upon this sturdy material, they often skip the vital step of... View Article

Six Reasons to Seal Your Concrete Driveway

November 26, 2020

The assault of winter weather is about to wreak havoc on your concrete driveway. If you wish to lessen the blow, it is time to apply concrete driveway sealer and help your driveway survive yet another winter in Racine, WI. Now is a good time to seal your concrete driveway before the most severe precipitation hits. Here are six reasons to make this project a priority: Improved durability: Your concrete driveway is strong, but it’s not impervious. As it’s exposed to the elements, it will start to crack, scale and even bulge and sink. This is due to built-up moisture,... View Article

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