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The Benefits of a Quality Retaining Wall During the Winter

November 25, 2022

A retaining wall does so much more than make your yard look polished and complete. They can help keep your soil in place, keep landscaping in place, and can help your yard weather the winter much better. There are plenty of benefits of a quality retaining wall during the winter, and we want to help you learn what those benefits are. Why Retaining Walls Are Essential During Winter Winter is the time when there is increased moisture and precipitation in most areas. This means more water that can trickle down into the landscaping around your home and cause the soil... View Article

The Best Way To Maintain Your Retaining Wall

August 4, 2022

A retaining wall is a vital feature of your landscape for both aesthetic and functional purposes. To ensure your retaining wall remains in great shape, it is crucial to conduct regular maintenance. If your wall’s structural integrity has been compromised, you may require a reputable professional to carry out an inspection.  Nothing is as convenient as a retaining wall when it comes to terraced or sloped properties. Not only is it gorgeous, but it is practical and helps you utilize the outdoor space properly. Do I need to maintain my retaining wall?  During winter, your retaining wall most likely needs maintenance,... View Article

How Retaining Walls Help Stop Erosion

July 4, 2022

Will getting a retaining wall help stop erosion? As people already know, retaining walls are essential outdoor features that play a critical role in the beauty and function of some properties. However, property owners may wonder whether such structures can be used for any other purpose other than leveling the property and enhancing its beauty.  Do Retaining Walls Help Stop Erosion?  There has been an increased demand for retaining walls over the years. Today, people have been using retaining walls as features that can help them to reduce soil erosion in their properties. Here are some fundamental approaches through which retaining... View Article

How a Retaining Wall Benefits Your Home

December 19, 2020

All of us have spent too much time at home this year, which means we’ve spent a lot of time in our yards as well. We might have some ideas for what fruits and veggies we’re going to put in the garden next year, or we might want to cut down that old oak tree once things settle down a bit. Maybe you’re thinking a bit bigger, and contemplating installing a retaining wall to bring an entirely new look to your entertainment space that makes your outdoor area that much more usable. Some of the benefits of retaining wall installation... View Article

How to Repair and Reinforce Retaining Walls in Racine, WI

April 11, 2019

If you have a retaining all that’s more than three feet tall, it’s critical you do whatever you can to reinforce it. That’s because after the wall gets to be at least that tall, it becomes more difficult for the wall to withstand the pressure of the earth located behind it. Fortunately, the process of reinforcing a retaining wall is relatively easy with the use of rebar and metal ties. Here’s a quick overview of the steps you need to take to reinforce retaining walls in Racine, WI. Determine where the piers will be located As you build up your... View Article

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