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The Importance of a Good Home Foundation

May 4, 2022

While most people underestimate the importance of a strong foundation, having a solid home foundation is key to ensuring the home structure is strong. A properly built foundation supports the house through harsh weather conditions like floods and earthquakes. Are Good Foundations Important for My Home? Foundations are crucial to the durability of a building. If not done properly, they tamper with the strength and resilience of the building upon completion. The following are some of the benefits of a good home foundation to ensure a lasting and dependable home. Support A foundation’s most obvious and primary purpose is to... View Article

Five Signs You Need Home Foundation Repair or Replacement

April 9, 2018

In time, your home will change and begin to settle, which is why homeowners need to pay attention to the state of their foundation. Anything that looks suspicious should be addressed as soon as possible, because even the smallest crack can balloon into a costly expense. With that in mind, here are five signs you need to call a professional for home foundation repair in Racine, WI: Uneven floors: One of the biggest indicators of a shifting foundation is a shifting floor. For example, you may notice the appearance of dips or slopes in certain areas of the floor inside... View Article

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