Is Your Driveway Covered by Your Homeowners Insurance?

November 12, 2020

Natural disasters, fire and other insurable events will likely affect your driveway as much as any other part of your home. That is why many customers wonder if there is any connection between driveway damage and homeowners insurance. The good news is your driveway is covered by homeowners insurance, and while you need to contact your agent in Racine, WI to confirm the extent of your coverage, there are similar patterns between policies. Here is an overview of homeowners insurance and its coverage on your driveway.

General coverage

Your typical homeowners policy includes two components: property insurance and personal liability. Those areas cover your home and any attached structures, detached structures (including garages and shops), personal property and living expenses incurred from pushing through a disaster.

In this scenario, your driveway is considered part of your home as well as an attached structure. The same is true of other investments in your property, like swimming pools, hot tubs or an expanded deck. Basically, the only requirement is that your driveway must lead to your home or any other covered structures on your property.

The only issue that may arise is if you have a home-based business. For example, if the driveway leads to a metal shop where you offer custom fabrication, it may not be covered in your homeowners policy. This is why it is a good idea to maintain a business policy with your homeowners policy if you run a business from home. If this is a concern with your situation, discuss it with your insurance agent soon to make sure you have the necessary coverage.

Covered events

Any damage to your driveway is covered the same way as it is for your home. Basically, the damage must be sustained due to an expected event and not due to wear over time. If you damage your driveway intentionally, that will not be covered.

For example, if a tree falls and cracks your driveway, it will be covered. However, if you neglected your driveway for years and it cracks, that is not covered.

That being said, there are instances where you need a separate rider. If you have flood or earthquake insurance, contact your agent and confirm whether your driveway is covered or if it only applies to structures. This varies between policies, so it’s important to take this step.

Other exclusions include mudslides, changes in local ordinances, settling or shrinking and damage caused by vermin, birds, insects and pets. If you do not have the required endorsements, you may not be covered in floods or earthquakes.

The end of the year is a good time to verify your insurance coverage and see if you need to add riders or endorsements. Taking this step now can save you money and stress should any disasters or sudden events happen in the future.

Langenfeld Masonry & Concrete paves driveways in Racine, WI. If you are seeking a new driveway, take the steps necessary to confirm that the driveway is covered in your homeowners insurance. Once you can rest assured in the extent of your coverage, call us if you need a driveway replaced or repaired!

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