Why Concrete Pouring Isn’t a DIY Project

March 16, 2021

Not all home improvement projects are created equal. Homeowners get a boost of confidence from simple projects like painting a wall, then decide they’re ready for something more advanced. Self-proclaimed DIY gurus land themselves in trouble by not understanding the dangers of pouring concrete. Here are some of the most common concrete pouring mistakes and why you should hire a contractor from Racine, WI for the job.

Uneven soil for the base

Homeowners attempting to pour their own concrete tend to skip over many crucial steps. For instance, many don’t realize they have to level the ground with a plate compactor before they can even begin pouring the concrete. Most people have never heard of a plate compactor, let alone have one sitting in their garage. Plate compactors tightly pack the soil to create a sturdy foundation for the concrete. If you pour cement onto loose soil, it will soon crumble apart.

Wrong weather conditions

Contractors are very particular about which days they’ll pour concrete. The weather conditions must be perfect, otherwise the concrete won’t dry properly and your contractor will have to redo the project. Concrete requires warm, dry weather on the day it’s poured and several days afterward. Rain and heavy winds disrupt the setting process, which can take more than a week. Plus, concrete projects in Racine, WI need air-entrained mixtures so expanding ice doesn’t crack the surface.

Inadequate mixing tools

Among homeowners’ top concrete pouring mistakes is the use of cheap mixing tools they found at a local hardware store. Inexperienced do-it-yourselfers often get stuck halfway through a project because their plastic and wooden shovels broke. Pouring concrete is very time sensitive, so if you don’t have the right tools as soon as the project begins, you’ll have to start all over. It’s best to hire a contractor because they have equipment the average homeowner doesn’t have, like bull floats and electric concrete mixers.

Too much water in the cement

Concrete needs the perfect ratio of water to cement. If you add too much of either ingredient, the finished project will become unstable and fall apart once it dries. A common concrete pouring mistake among do-it-yourselfers is adding too much water. Runny cement is easy to work with, but too weak to support the weight of vehicle and foot traffic. Contractors know the dangers of pouring concrete with the wrong consistency, so leave your DIY projects to the professionals.

Lack of safety precautions

Contractors must be dressed in all the right protective gear before they start mixing the concrete. While concrete is by no means a toxic material, it’s incredibly difficult to rinse off skin and produces dust that can irritate the respiratory system. Unfortunately, the dangers of pouring concrete don’t become known to homeowners until they realize they’re underdressed for the job. Only a contractor from Racine, WI is guaranteed to come prepared.

If there’s any doubt about your concrete pouring skills, you’re better off leaving the project in the hands of a professional. Hiring the contractors at Langenfeld Masonry & Concrete will not only save you the hassle, but also guarantee a job well done. All you have to do is book an appointment, and we’ll take it from there!

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