Can Winter Weather Affect Your Basement?

October 21, 2021

Your home is the best place to be once the temperatures plummet. Who doesn’t want to cuddle up on the couch with a hot beverage during the winter months? But that same cold weather can cause winter basement damage and even affect your home’s structural integrity. Frost, ice and cracks can also result in winter foundation damage.

Read on to find out how the cold weather affects homes and how you can spare your home from damage.

Water seepage

If you have frozen ground and snow surrounding your home, it’s going to melt whenever the weather warms up—or even from the heat of your home. The water then can find its way into your home through any cracks. Even if there aren’t existing cracks, the pressure from the water can cause cracks to appear.

The most common way water finds its way into the home is through the basement. This is why it’s so important to waterproof your basement to prevent this from occurring.

Frozen discharge line

If your home has a sump pump in the crawl space or basement, the possibility of the line freezing during the colder months is high. This device is intended to move extra water out of the home, but when it becomes frozen, that water may be forced into the home and lead to flooding.

The first thing you can do to avoid this is angle the discharge line down, so it doesn’t collect water. A waterproofing expert can also help by adding an attachment on the discharge line so that the water keeps draining.

Frost heave

When water freezes, it expands and exerts pressure on the structures above it, including your foundation. This pressure and movement can lead to cracks in the walls and foundation. This is liable to cause further damage via water seepage. Over time, the thawing ice may even cause the ground to collapse.

This means you need to be vigilant in checking for foundation damage and basement leaks. If these problems go unchecked, it could result in damage to your home’s structural integrity. It could also lead to the growth and spread of mold.

How to protect your home

The reality is that the harsh winter weather and freezing cold temperatures are liable to cause damage to your foundation and related structural problems. If you see any signs of a crack, it’s time to call in the pros to handle it immediately. Conditions are only going to worsen when it comes to winter foundation damage.

Grading your soil will help improve surface drainage, which can avoid some of these problems. Taking good care of your gutters and investing in foundation inspections will also prove to pay dividends in the future.

Are you looking to avoid winter basement damage? Then call the expert team at Langenfeld Masonry & Concrete. We do it all from foundation repairs to waterproofing to basement-wall removal and repair. We have more than 100 years of experience in the field and will deliver solutions that will protect your concrete and your building. Find out more by giving us a call today and getting a free quote.

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