Can a Snowblower Damage a Concrete Driveway?

December 15, 2021

When the snow really starts to pile up, you may be thanking your lucky stars for your snowblower. But wait—can a snowblower damage a concrete driveway? Because if your snowblower damages your driveway, you may be cursing those same stars instead.

The short answer is yes, a snowblower can damage your driveway. The long answer is that you can avoid snowblower damage if you know which type of snowblower to use and how to properly use it. Read on for some more information about snowblowers and how to avoid snowblower damage to your concrete driveway.

Different types of snowblowers

There are three common types of snowblowers on the market today. They all use the same principal of using an auger to pick up the snow and throw it far from the area you are clearing. But not all of them have the same features, and not all of them are suitable for use on your driveway.

The smallest and least powerful type of snowblower is a single-stage snowblower. This uses an auger that touches the ground and throws the snow out the chute about 15 feet away. For deeper snowfalls, or in windy conditions, this may not be the most efficient option.

The next step up is a two-stage snowblower. This uses an adjustable auger and an impeller to blow snow out of the chute. The two-stage snowblower has more power and can throw snow farther than a single-stage model.

The most powerful snowblower is the three-stage snowblower. This has a third auger that runs at a high speed, and it can throw snow up to 50 feet away. Most of these models are also self-propelled, which can be very helpful when clearing out a large area covered in deep snow.

Preventing driveway damage from a snowblower

Now that you know the different types of snowblowers on the market, can you guess which ones are suitable for a driveway? If you guessed the single-stage snowblower, try again.

While it is the most affordable option, a single-stage snowblower is not suitable for use on a concrete driveway. This is because its auger is designed to hit the ground, which can scrape your driveway and leave it scuffed, chipped or even cracked.

If you’re using a two- or three-stage snowblower, be sure to adjust the auger height to at least a half-inch above the driveway. That way you will be able to avoid damage to the concrete and still clear out most of the snow.

Another way to prevent snowblower damage on your driveway is to make sure the scraper bars are not worn down too much. Any jagged edges here might catch on the concrete surface of a driveway and cause damage.

Finally, be sure to remove any large rocks or other debris from your driveway before using a snowblower to clear it off. This helps avoid any errant pieces from accidentally shooting out and chipping the driveway. It will also help protect the snowblower from damage.

While a snowblower can cause damage to a concrete driveway, it is avoidable if you choose the right tools for the job. For more tips on concrete driveway maintenance, and for all your concrete repair needs, contact Langenfeld Masonry & Concrete today.

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