Questions to Ask When Considering a Patio

April 4, 2022

Patios are a fantastic addition to any home. They extend the usability of outdoor space, they make your backyard look fantastic and they can even help improve the overall value of your home. If you are thinking of building a patio you may be thinking, what questions should I ask about a patio? We are here to help.

Things to Consider With Adding a Patio

In order to get the perfect patio that sparks joy in you and that you truly love, you must first ask yourself, and any designer that you are working with, what is your favorite style. There are so many different styles of patios out there that just saying you want a patio is not enough to really differentiate the type of patio that you are going to get.

It is always helpful to go to your designer with a list of ideas or even a photo of what type of patio you might want so that you can start the design process. You also want to think about what you are using the patio for. Are you using it for parties, for small family dinners, for a place to do yoga? These are all considerations that change the way the patio is shaped and may change what type of patio is best for you.

The last thing you need to talk about with your patio designer in a broad sense is your budget. As terrible as it may sound, the amount of money you have to put on a project is as important and colors the outcome as much as what you really want and what you are going to use the patio for. By being upfront and telling your designer what you are willing to spend, they can then adjust plans, find cheaper materials, and help you design a patio that stays within the budget you set.

What to Ask Your Designer Specifically

After you have your basic design hammered out, you can get to know your designer a bit more and try to determine if they are the right fit for you. You can ask things like, how many of these projects do you handle each year, are you certified and licensed, can you ensure the patio is not going to disturb our current drainage and more.

These are questions that will help you gauge their skill level, help you determine if they are qualified for your project and so on. A patio is a big deal. It can be a very expensive and time-consuming project, and you want to ensure that your designer and their team are qualified to give you the patio of your dreams. The right patio can change how you feel about your home and backyard. Taking the time to get all the facts and find the right designer makes all the difference.

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