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How to Repair and Reinforce Retaining Walls in Racine, WI

April 11, 2019

If you have a retaining all that’s more than three feet tall, it’s critical you do whatever you can to reinforce it. That’s because after the wall gets to be at least that tall, it becomes more difficult for the wall to withstand the pressure of the earth located behind it. Fortunately, the process of reinforcing a retaining wall is relatively easy with the use of rebar and metal ties. Here’s a quick overview of the steps you need to take to reinforce retaining walls in Racine, WI. Determine where the piers will be located As you build up your... View Article

What Are Retaining Walls, and Why Might You Want One?

December 7, 2018

A thoughtfully designed and constructed retaining wall in Racine, WI is a thing of beauty, and can upgrade the look of your landscaping tremendously. However, retaining walls do far more for your property than simply providing a visual upgrade. Follow along with this guide to learn more about just what a retaining wall does, and explore some of the many ways that adding one can benefit your property. What is a retaining wall? Retaining walls are used when areas of land need to be held back from the rest of the property. It might help to think of a retaining... View Article

The Benefits of Retaining Walls for Your Home

July 6, 2018

A retaining wall has the basic structural purpose of containing soil and thereby preventing erosion. Retaining walls are used on a variety of landscapes and in different situations. Homeowners find them useful to keep their property looking its very best. However, the benefits of retaining walls in Racine, WI go beyond just keeping soil in place. The look and style of this fixture can improve your home’s appearance and raise its value. It can serve as a complementary item to a garden or pathway as well. When done right, a retaining wall serves both an aesthetic and practical function. Let’s... View Article

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