How to Plan and Build an Outdoor Patio for Your Restaurant

May 22, 2019

Outdoor patio spaces have become a big deal for restaurants in recent years. When the weather is pleasant, customers can sit outside and enjoy the sunshine or a cool summer’s night. Adding an outdoor patio space to your restaurant can be a profitable decision with a bit of planning and thought. These spaces may range from a simple cluster of tables on a sidewalk to a full bar outside.

It’s a smart idea to bring in a trusted contractor with experience in patio foundation in Racine, WI when you want to expand your business outdoors. Let’s look at some leading tips for how best to approach adding an outdoor patio:

  • City regulations: The first thing to do is to check your town’s or city’s regulations on outdoor patios in commercial locations. Federal, state and local regulations will have an impact on the cost of the patio and whether it’s even allowed at your establishment. You may, for example, need approval from a planning and zoning board before you can begin construction.
  • What the space will be like: Consider all the possible alternatives before you seek a permit. For example, will the outdoor patio allow dogs? Are you going to serve alcohol? Will you need additional electrical and plumbing? Considering the design of the space and its function is another necessary step before going forward. This may be relatively simple if you’re planning on adding a few outdoor tables, but more complex if you’re looking for a larger setup.
  • Layout: Next you’ll want to consider the additional elements of the patio as well as the furniture. Do you want to add an outdoor fireplace to create a cozy atmosphere on fall days? Are you interested in adding live entertainment outside and need to set aside space for that? How about furniture—is it going to be more of a lounge setting with couches and low tables, or classic round patio tables with umbrellas? Settling all these details first will mean that you have a well-thought-out space ahead of time.
  • Bad weather: While the outdoor patio will obviously be most popular when the weather is beautiful, you can make it useable during other times. Make sure the staff wipes down all the tables and chairs following rain. Bring in heaters to make chilly nights more comfortable. Install fans to keep the air flowing and the customers cool.

If you’re ready to expand your restaurant, call in an expert concrete patio contractor in Racine, WI. The company to trust is Langenfeld Masonry & Concrete, because we’ve been in business for more than 100 years. That’s right—five generations of our family have tackled every kind of project imaginable, from simple flatwork, to large-scale commercial masonry, to foundation repair and more.

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