The Importance of Drainage for Your Basement

May 8, 2019

Unfortunately for homeowners, water drainage problems lead to millions of dollars in damage every year. That’s why it’s critical to control water and utilize waterproofing the home’s foundation to maintain structural stability. It’s important to address drainage issues prior to foundation repair in Racine, WI.

Foundation drainage is the system that directs water away from the foundation. No matter if the foundation is waterproof or not, using drainage solutions is absolutely essential to keep the foundation functional. The fact is that moisture will find its way into the foundation without the usage of a foundation drainage system. Read on to find out more information about why this is important and how to address it:

  • Slope: The basis of foundation drainage starts with having a proper slope surrounding the home. The slope should be at least one inch per foot for about five or six feet. This should also ensure that there is no stagnant water within 10 feet of the home’s foundation. The soil around the foundation should be compact and tight to keep the slope maintained over time. When a slope around the foundation is not possible, there are other options such as using a peripheral area drain.
  • Trench: Any exterior drainage systems should be installed at the lowest point on the outer perimeter of the home. This will include a series of perforated pipes with the intention of redirecting water away from the foundation. This has been a common drainage solution for basement waterproofing since the early part of last century. These drainage systems use a bed of gravel. One common problem is that the gravel bed clogs with debris, dirt and plant roots. One alternative is an interior drainage system, which is installed around the perimeter of the basement and offers a clog-free option.
  • Foundation basics: Any gutters and downspouts that go beneath the soil surface should be well-maintained to avoid clogging and collection of water. Channel drains should be used to trap surface water and direct it away from the foundation. Trees should be planted a good distance from the foundation to avoid roots disrupting drainage systems. Drain pipes along the footing of the foundation can also direct water away. Following these tips will ensure that your foundation—and your basement—stay dry.

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