Fall Maintenance to Protect Your Pavement Through Winter

October 5, 2020

Now is the perfect time to perform fall maintenance for your pavement in Racine, WI. As long as it’s relatively warm and dry, you can make sure your concrete don’t suffer from the upcoming winter weather.

Rain, snow, ice and road salt all take their toll on concrete pavement. If your concrete already has weak spots, the brutal weather will exacerbate them, and you’ll wind up having some big repairs to do once the snow has melted and spring arrives. Instead of making major repairs a few months down the line, why not invest in some preventative maintenance to solve the problem? Here’s what to ask yourself when you’re preparing for the winter.

Is water pooling on your pavement?

If water pools on your pavement after you hose it down or during a heavy rain, that’s a sign that the surface is uneven. Usually, this means the sub base is uneven. This can quickly develop into a pothole. It’s also an opportunity for rain and melted snow to turn into ice, which presents a serious slipping hazard. However, if you catch the problem early, you may be able to simply level the surface with additional concrete. Sometimes it’s best to install a drain instead. Alternatively, if you’re thinking about replacing your pavement, you might consider porous concrete, which allows water to seep back into the groundwater supply instead of running off the surface.

Could you use a sealant?

Sealing is a way to protect the surface of your concrete. It should be done about once every five years, before the temperature is regularly at 50 degrees or below. (It’s also best if the leaves haven’t started falling, as they can prevent you from getting a perfectly even and attractive surface.) Sealing not only protects your surface, but preserves its appearance.

Are there any cracks or potholes that need to be filled?

Finally, when thinking about preventative maintenance, look to see if you notice any cracks forming. Even tiny cracks and holes can turn into big problems after a punishing Wisconsin winter. Water from rain and melted snow can get into the cracks and freeze, causing the cracks to expand. It can do the same to your sub base, which may cause even bigger potholes, uneven surfaces and more tripping hazards. Having a concrete pavement contractor fill the cracks for you is the smart way to prevent bigger repairs in the springtime.

Taking care of your pavement is the best way to protect yourself and your guests from harm, all while keeping your property looking great. Add a pavement inspection to your to-do list today and you’ll thank yourself when the warm weather comes back.

The best way to protect pavement from winter weather in Racine, WI is to call the team at Langenfeld Masonry & Concrete to handle any repairs, maintenance or new paving projects. We’ve been helping keep pavement safe and looking great for over a century. Reach out to us today to get started with a consultation and quote!

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