The Six Benefits of Staining Concrete

January 25, 2021

There’s an incorrect assumption that staining only provides an aesthetic refresh to concrete surface, but that’s not the case. You’ll find that this customization process offers various benefits to property owners with concrete surfaces throughout their homes or businesses. Find out why staining concrete in Racine, WI is a good investment.

Should you stain your concrete floors?

Even if you’re satisfied with the look of your concrete flooring, there’s many other reasons to consider staining. We recommend staining and coloring concrete in Racine, WI to all of our customers because of the many benefits of this treatment method:

  • Increased durability: While concrete is a robust and reliable material, surfaces exposed to lots of use have a tendency to scratch, crack, warp, buckle and eventually disintegrate. This is especially true in commercial and industrial settings, where both foot and machinery traffic constantly put pressure on the floor. A stained concrete floor can endure rigorous wear and tear and continue to provide an aesthetically-pleasing, hazard-free space.
  • Reduced maintenance demands: Since your stained concrete floor withstands the causes of significant wear and tear, it requires less maintenance over time. Some simple sweeping and mopping are all you need to quickly clean your floor, making it look freshly stained. When regularly maintained, your floors will be free of marks or indentations. Whether it’s in your home or your workplace, a clean and clear floor space makes life easier because you’re not spending half of your time avoiding hazards that might make you lose your balance or cause an accident.
  • Improved energy efficiency: Staining a concrete floor increases its thermal mass, reducing demand on your heating and air conditioning systems. Untreated concrete flooring works extremely well in cold settings. However, stained concrete flooring is better for heat insulation, absorbing and slowly rereleasing heat into the building. This decreases the operational level at which you need to run your HVAC system and improves your property’s overall energy efficiency.
  • Fire resistance: Many concrete staining products offer fire-resistant properties to improve a building’s passive fire resistance. This is hugely beneficial in industrial or commercial facilities with flammable materials regularly in use.
  • Multiple applications: One of the reasons we recommend stained and colored concrete floors is that this material functions really well in various settings. From an industrial warehouse to a home’s kitchen, a customized stained concrete floor adds a lot of charm and functionality to any property.
  • Cost-effective installation: When you need a new floor installed in a large area, stained concrete is a budget-friendly solution that looks and performs better than many high-cost materials. Business owners hire us when constructing new commercial or industrial facilities with substantial flooring needs. They know our stained concrete floors lower their operational costs while providing a safe work environment for employees. Both the initial investment and long-term maintenance costs make this flooring material a fantastic option.

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