Our Top Summer Concrete Maintenance Tips

August 2, 2021

We’re currently approaching the dog days of summer, and that means lots of sun and consistent hot and humid weather. When you think of wear and tear on your concrete surfaces, you probably think of rain, ice, hail and snow. But consistent sunlight beating down on your home’s concrete can wear on it, too.

So, what can you do to take care of your concrete in the summer? There are several things you can do to help preserve and prolong your concrete’s lifespan. Here are some summer concrete maintenance tips from our experts.

Keep it clean

In the same way you frequently clean the floors in your home, you should also try to keep the concrete surfaces outside your home clean. Over time, concrete patios, sidewalks and driveways can be subject to the elements, and they can also pick up dirt and debris.

If you clean your concrete every six months with a pressure washer, a hose, a wet broom and some liquid dish soap, you can keep it looking fresh.

Seal it

Cleaning and sealing your concrete are the two main ways to properly maintain it. Sealing your concrete protects it from water, dust, scratches and direct damage from the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

You should seal your concrete every two to three years, depending on traffic and wear. You should aim to apply the sealant in non-extreme weather (between 55℉ and 90℉) and not during the middle of the day. You can add a second coat if you want.

Check for and repair cracks

You should be frequently inspecting all your concrete surfaces for cracks or potential cracks. Finding cracks early and repairing them can do wonders for the longevity of your concrete surfaces.

If left unchecked, cracks can allow water to get into your concrete. The water then expands and contracts with the rising and falling of exterior temperatures, widening the cracks and making them worse. Having a professional repair any cracks before they get too large would be a wise investment.

Take care of stains right away

If you notice stains on any of your concrete surfaces, you should wash them off immediately. Doing so can prevent the stain from soaking in and setting permanently into your concrete. Find cleaning products specifically made for removing stains on concrete, and follow the instructions on the package for the most effective results.

Try to use shade

An obvious way to protect your concrete surfaces from the sun beating down on them constantly is to create some shade. If you have a concrete driveway, you could plant trees along it or try using a shade sail during the summer.

If you have a concrete patio, you could try an awning, shade sail, trees, umbrellas or even a tent. It might not seem like much, but every little bit of shade can help your concrete surfaces to last longer.

Call for concrete maintenance today

No matter where you live in the United States, you’ll want to protect your concrete in the summer from UV rays, rain and stains. Hopefully some of these summer concrete maintenance tips will help you do that!

If you have bigger problems with your concrete that you can’t handle yourself, get in touch with the team at Langenfeld Masonry & Concrete. We can do more than just pour and pave concrete—we’re experts in repairing it, too. Contact us to schedule a consultation and get an estimate.

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