Why Does My Basement Get Wet in the Summer?

June 4, 2022

It’s very common for basements to get damp and wet during the summer. Wet basements develop a musty smell and can lead to a host of other problems. Read on to learn about the causes of wet basements and what you can do to control humidity in your basement. 

What Causes My Basement To Get Humid in the Summer? How Do I Prevent My Basement From Getting Wet in the Summer?

Humidity in the basement is expected, so don’t panic. It gets wet because it is lower to the ground, and water can easily seep through and build up. Also, older windows can be a culprit of moisture, or if the foundation has cracks, and that could worsen the moisture. Condensation is the biggest problem in a basement, and it occurs when warm air mixes with cold surfaces in your basement. 

Basement humidity should not cause you to worry, but you should take proactive steps to prevent it during the summer. Here are some tips.

1. Dehumidify. Even a dry basement can have lots of water vapor that can linger. Use a basement dehumidifier to suck up the extra water vapor and help keep your basement dry.

2. Seal Cracks. Unsealed cracks are a prime target for water vapor and water to pass through. It can create foul odors and even mold development.

3. Keep Windows Closed. The heat in the summer can be relentless, and it causes the atmosphere to get hot and humid. Only open windows in the morning or evening when the air is cooler. Cold air has less moisture, and it will not cause your basement to get wet.

4. Limit Irrigation Frequency. Try using a sprinkler to water your garden instead of an irrigation system. Extra water can get into the foundation walls, and if it becomes saturated, it will seep into your basement. 

5. Keep Gutters and Downspouts Maintained. Clean and functional downspouts and help waterproof your exterior. You will always want to make sure that rainwater is channeled away from your home. 

6. Grade Your Yard. Many homeowners don’t think about this option much. However, the angle of your yard can affect how dry your basement is. Different heights affect how much moisture your basement can accumulate.

As you get ready for the summer, pay attention to the tips above to keep your basement dry. Always consult a professional if you are worried about moisture in your basement. 

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