Tips on How to Protect Your Driveway From the Summer Heat

June 18, 2022

Maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your property and retaining its inherent value during summer is crucial, and this includes everything from your roof to your landscaping and beyond. One of the main areas that are often neglected is the driveway. While it requires little or no maintenance, the hotter months can be particularly harsh on your driveway.

That means taking measures and some form of maintenance to keep it in good condition. If you are looking to protect and keep your driveway, you may be asking questions such as, "How can I protect my driveway from the summer heat? Are there ways to protect my driveway from the summer heat?" If that’s you, don’t worry. This article covers tips on how to protect your driveway from the summer heat.

How To Protect Your Driveway From the Summer Heat

Fortunately, there are multiple options you can use to keep your driveway in good condition during summer. Keep in mind that the material used can determine your maintenance options. Here are the general summer maintenance tips for your driveway during summer.

Check Signs of Damage and Schedule Repairs

Thoroughly inspect your driveway for holes or cracks that can lead to serious damage if ignored. Assess the major and minor problems and determine if they need urgent repair before they cause serious problems. The holes can trap water when it rains or when you wash your house or your car, which can cause damage to the bottom layers and allow mold and other unwanted plants to grow.

Apply Sealant

The best way to protect your driveway during summer is to apply a sealant to protect it against water damage, heat oxidation, and other elements like hail or broken branches. The sealant helps keep your driveway looking new for a very long time. Consider doing this during spring after two or three years.

Avoid Sharp Objects

When your driveway is exposed to heat for a long time, it can soften and become vulnerable to damage from sharp objects. If you have to work around the driveway, avoid using or dropping sharp or heavy objects as they can cause cracks, dents, and holes. If you have to, work early in the morning when the surface is cold enough. 

Switch Parking Spaces

As we have mentioned above, the sun will likely weaken your driveway. If all members of the family and guests park at specific spaces in the driveway, the weight of the vehicles can gradually cause depression. Parking at different places whenever possible can help protect the driveway from damage. Similarly, avoid leaving heavy objects, such as farming machines, on the same spot for a long time during summer.

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