How Retaining Walls Help Stop Erosion

July 4, 2022

Will getting a retaining wall help stop erosion? As people already know, retaining walls are essential outdoor features that play a critical role in the beauty and function of some properties. However, property owners may wonder whether such structures can be used for any other purpose other than leveling the property and enhancing its beauty. 

Do Retaining Walls Help Stop Erosion? 

There has been an increased demand for retaining walls over the years. Today, people have been using retaining walls as features that can help them to reduce soil erosion in their properties. Here are some fundamental approaches through which retaining walls help in reducing soil erosion. 

  • Retention

In this case, the soil is prevented from being carried away by water or wind by the presence of a retaining wall. This happens because the weight of the soil is support entered on the structure, and as a result, it is prevented from being moved. Retaining walls also help to protect the soil from harsh weather conditions. 

  • Drainage

Retaining walls also help to improve drainage in a property by channeling water away from areas that are prone to erosion. By doing this, they also help reduce the amount of runoff that would otherwise cause deterioration and damage to the foundation of buildings.

  • Stabilization

Soil stabilization is another way through which retaining walls help to reduce soil erosion. In this case, the retaining wall supports the soil, thereby preventing it from being moved by elements such as water and wind. Without this stability, the soil would be subject to erosion, eventually leading to the deterioration of buildings.

  • Redirection

The other way retaining walls help reduce soil erosion is by redirecting the flow of water. In most cases, water flows from high areas to low-lying areas. However, when a retaining wall is present, it can help redirect the water away from the areas prone to erosion. By doing this, the risk of soil erosion is significantly reduced.

  • Planting vegetation

Usually, retaining walls provide a platform where vegetation can be planted. The roots of the plants help to hold the soil in place and prevent it from being carried away by water or wind. In addition, the vegetation also helps shade the soil, which prevents it from being dried out by the sun.


Retaining walls are critical features that can help reduce soil erosion in a property. As much as they are used for other purposes, such as leveling the land and enhancing its beauty, retaining walls can also help address soil erosion. The above methods show how such structures can reduce soil erosion. Usually, a combination of these methods is used to achieve the best results. Contact Langenfeld Masonry & Concrete today to learn more about how we can help you with your soil erosion issues.

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