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Reasons to Consider Driveway Repair Instead of Replacement

October 22, 2018

You have two options when your driveway starts to age and crack: you can replace it, or you can have it repaired. Although we specialize in both driveway replacement and driveway repairs in Racine, WI, we often recommend that our customers make repairs if possible, rather than replacing their whole driveway. Continue reading to learn a few of the reasons why we take this approach with our customers: Save money: From labor costs to the price of materials, we don’t need to tell you that pouring brand new concrete can be quite pricy. Instead of paying thousands of dollars for... View Article

Why Langenfeld Masonry & Concrete Should Be Your Go-to Concrete Contractor in Racine, WI

October 8, 2018

You have a ton of options when you need to choose a concrete contractor in Racine, WI. There’s certainly no shortage of companies in our area that are willing to perform concrete work at your home or business. The only problem is that not all of those companies are equally qualified or able to complete a quality concrete project. Continue reading to learn why you should hire our pros at Langenfeld Masonry & Concrete the next time you need the services of a concrete contractor: Experience: When it comes to performing concrete work at your home or business, would you... View Article

What Is Masonry Restoration?

September 20, 2018

Masonry restoration is a general term that refers to a form of repair and maintenance work done on existing masonry in residential or commercial buildings. The repairs could be minor cosmetic upgrades or significant restoration on historic buildings. It frequently involves processes like repointing, but there are many other elements of masonry restoration that are common in all type of jobs performed by masonry contractors in Racine, WI and elsewhere. Repointing is the process of removing some of the existing mortar from a masonry joint and then replacing it with brand new mortar. Usually this will only happen once during... View Article

Tips for Hot Weather Masonry Construction from a Masonry Contractor in Racine, WI

September 6, 2018

When the weather gets hot, masonry work becomes a little bit more difficult. The higher ambient temperatures rise, the more the materials and equipment being used in masonry jobs will heat up as well, and the faster the moisture in the concrete will evaporate. This means there will be less water available for the hydration of the cement. Hot weather for the purposes of masonry construction is usually considered any ambient temperature over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, or over 90 degrees Fahrenheit if the wind velocity is more than eight miles per hour. There are some additional factors that can affect... View Article

Should You Patch, Repair or Resurface Your Driveway? We Can Help!

August 20, 2018

Concrete is one of the most popular materials for driveways across the country. Concrete looks great, can be installed in as little as a day and is durable enough to last for years and years. That being said, concrete doesn’t last forever. Driveways start to crack over time, which either necessitate quick patches, more significant repairs or total resurfacing. The choice of making driveway repairs in Racine, WI, as well as patching or resurfacing, is obviously yours to make, and which one you choose depends on several different factors. Continue reading to learn more about each of these choices and... View Article

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