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Tips for Creating a Profitable Patio Space

December 5, 2020

We’ve all had quite a year, to say the least, and the coronavirus pandemic seems to have touched every part of our lives. This is especially true in the restaurant and entertainment industries, where constantly-shifting rules and regulations have left many business owners scrambling to figure out their next step. Most have admirably accommodated to this dynamic environment, and as a result, outdoor dining (by far the safest option for eating out) has seen a surge in popularity. Maximizing the profitability of your outdoor restaurant patio in Racine, WI has become acutely important this year. Read on for some pointers... View Article

Six Reasons to Seal Your Concrete Driveway

November 26, 2020

The assault of winter weather is about to wreak havoc on your concrete driveway. If you wish to lessen the blow, it is time to apply concrete driveway sealer and help your driveway survive yet another winter in Racine, WI. Now is a good time to seal your concrete driveway before the most severe precipitation hits. Here are six reasons to make this project a priority: Improved durability: Your concrete driveway is strong, but it’s not impervious. As it’s exposed to the elements, it will start to crack, scale and even bulge and sink. This is due to built-up moisture,... View Article

Is Your Driveway Covered by Your Homeowners Insurance?

November 12, 2020

Natural disasters, fire and other insurable events will likely affect your driveway as much as any other part of your home. That is why many customers wonder if there is any connection between driveway damage and homeowners insurance. The good news is your driveway is covered by homeowners insurance, and while you need to contact your agent in Racine, WI to confirm the extent of your coverage, there are similar patterns between policies. Here is an overview of homeowners insurance and its coverage on your driveway. General coverage Your typical homeowners policy includes two components: property insurance and personal liability.... View Article

Is It Too Cold to Pave a Concrete Driveway?

October 19, 2020

Can you pave a driveway when it’s cold in Racine, WI? How cold is too cold? Paving driveways and other surfaces is dependent on temperature—when it’s too cold, you run the risk of the concrete not setting properly. For that reason, you not only need to consider the air temperature outside (what you’ll feel when you check your thermometer or your weather app), but the ground temperature as well. With fall already here and winter rapidly approaching, you should either schedule your pavement appointment now, or wait until the spring. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a poor finished product—one that... View Article

Fall Maintenance to Protect Your Pavement Through Winter

October 5, 2020

Now is the perfect time to perform fall maintenance for your pavement in Racine, WI. As long as it’s relatively warm and dry, you can make sure your concrete don’t suffer from the upcoming winter weather. Rain, snow, ice and road salt all take their toll on concrete pavement. If your concrete already has weak spots, the brutal weather will exacerbate them, and you’ll wind up having some big repairs to do once the snow has melted and spring arrives. Instead of making major repairs a few months down the line, why not invest in some preventative maintenance to solve... View Article

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