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5 Reasons Why Homeowners Should Consider A Basement Remodel

March 30, 2023

5 Reasons Why Homeowners Should Consider A Basement Remodel If you want to increase the living space in your home and add a little extra resale value, then a basement remodel could be the perfect option. Read on to learn about five of the top reasons why a basement remodel is a smart choice. 1. Increased Living Space Basement remodeling is the perfect solution for homeowners who need more living space but don’t want to go through the hassle of building an addition. It allows them to create functional space in their home without interfering with zoning laws or neighboring... View Article

The Benefits Of Adding Egress Windows To Your Basement

March 27, 2023

The Benefits Of Adding Egress Windows To Your Basement The basement gets a bad rap for being dark and dingy, but adding egress windows is an excellent way to improve the aesthetics of your basement. Not only do they allow for more natural light, but they also offer added ventilation and safety. So, whether you are building a new home or remodeling your existing one, egress windows are a great investment. What Are Egress Windows? Egress windows are window openings that allow occupants to escape in the case of an emergency. They are also an important means of access for... View Article

Why Businesses Benefit From Concrete Flatwork

February 24, 2023

Commercial properties need flatwork that looks great, is durable, and easy to maintain. Concrete is an ideal material for this type of work.  Durability  Concrete flatwork is a strong, durable material that can last up to 30 years without requiring repair work or pouring mix. Successful commercial and industrial property owners often install it in parking lots, warehouse floors, access ramps, curbs, and sidewalks. This is because it can handle the heavy traffic that these areas experience.  Aesthetics  Using concrete for sidewalks, driveways and patios is a great way to enhance your business’s curb appeal. Aesthetic options for concrete flatwork include... View Article

7 Reasons Commercial Properties Benefit From Retaining Walls

February 24, 2023

1. Increased Usable Space If your commercial property sits on an incline, a retaining wall is a great option. They can create a focal point, help with drainage, and increase usable space for parking lots or driveways. They can also be used for flower gardens and sitting areas in the yard. These are attractive features that can improve the landscape and make your property more appealing to potential customers. 2. Reduced Erosion Erosion can cause a variety of problems in landscapes, from damaging soil and grass to washing away nutrients and fertilizers and creating sinkholes. One of the most significant... View Article

What Is Concrete Flatwork & How It Can Increase Your Home Value

January 23, 2023

If you are looking for easy ways to increase your home’s value, consider concrete flatwork. In this quick guide, we will look at what is concrete flatwork and how it can increase your home value. If you have been considering flatwork or wondering what are the advantages of concrete flatwork, here you will find answers to your questions.   What Is Concrete Flatwork? This term refers to any work done on a flat surface on your property. This often includes floors, patios, walkways, and in some cases, even concrete stairs are considered flatwork because, technically, it involves concrete work along... View Article

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