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Tips for Pouring Concrete in Cold Weather

June 7, 2019

Pouring concrete can be a bit challenging in the cold weather. There isn’t any sort of special concrete antifreeze solution to prevent it from freezing up. Instead, it’s water that you need to use to help concrete set in the winter. Implementing water causes heat of hydration, which in turn prevents freezing from occurring. Here’s what you need to know about navigating the challenges of pouring concrete in cold weather, with the help of a concrete contractor in Racine, WI. What to know about pouring concrete in the cold Here in Wisconsin, winter sometimes seems to last half the year.... View Article

How to Plan and Build an Outdoor Patio for Your Restaurant

May 22, 2019

Outdoor patio spaces have become a big deal for restaurants in recent years. When the weather is pleasant, customers can sit outside and enjoy the sunshine or a cool summer’s night. Adding an outdoor patio space to your restaurant can be a profitable decision with a bit of planning and thought. These spaces may range from a simple cluster of tables on a sidewalk to a full bar outside. It’s a smart idea to bring in a trusted contractor with experience in patio foundation in Racine, WI when you want to expand your business outdoors. Let’s look at some leading... View Article

The Importance of Drainage for Your Basement

May 8, 2019

Unfortunately for homeowners, water drainage problems lead to millions of dollars in damage every year. That’s why it’s critical to control water and utilize waterproofing the home’s foundation to maintain structural stability. It’s important to address drainage issues prior to foundation repair in Racine, WI. Foundation drainage is the system that directs water away from the foundation. No matter if the foundation is waterproof or not, using drainage solutions is absolutely essential to keep the foundation functional. The fact is that moisture will find its way into the foundation without the usage of a foundation drainage system. Read on to... View Article

Turn Your Basement into a Man Cave

April 25, 2019

Do you have an unfinished basement in your home? If so, you may consider remodeling your space and investing in basement waterproofing in Racine, WI, as it will add on so much more usable space to your home. You can still preserve some of the space to dedicate for storage, but at least part of your basement could turn into something fun or useful. It might, for example, be a game room, rec room, bar or home theater. Of course, one of the most popular ideas is to turn it into a “man cave.” What exactly is a man cave?... View Article

How to Repair and Reinforce Retaining Walls in Racine, WI

April 11, 2019

If you have a retaining all that’s more than three feet tall, it’s critical you do whatever you can to reinforce it. That’s because after the wall gets to be at least that tall, it becomes more difficult for the wall to withstand the pressure of the earth located behind it. Fortunately, the process of reinforcing a retaining wall is relatively easy with the use of rebar and metal ties. Here’s a quick overview of the steps you need to take to reinforce retaining walls in Racine, WI. Determine where the piers will be located As you build up your... View Article

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