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The Different Types of Stone Masonry

December 21, 2018

While the basic premise of masonry is the finishing of a wall or structure, there are several different ways in which this process can be completed. Masonry is all around you in the various buildings and structures you visit every day, but there are certain types that are a better fit for construction than others depending on the design for that particular job. In order to know which method will be best for your upcoming project, it will be important to get acquainted with the different types of stone masonry options that are available. Here’s some info from a longtime... View Article

What Is Masonry Restoration?

September 20, 2018

Masonry restoration is a general term that refers to a form of repair and maintenance work done on existing masonry in residential or commercial buildings. The repairs could be minor cosmetic upgrades or significant restoration on historic buildings. It frequently involves processes like repointing, but there are many other elements of masonry restoration that are common in all type of jobs performed by masonry contractors in Racine, WI and elsewhere. Repointing is the process of removing some of the existing mortar from a masonry joint and then replacing it with brand new mortar. Usually this will only happen once during... View Article

Tips for Hot Weather Masonry Construction from a Masonry Contractor in Racine, WI

September 6, 2018

When the weather gets hot, masonry work becomes a little bit more difficult. The higher ambient temperatures rise, the more the materials and equipment being used in masonry jobs will heat up as well, and the faster the moisture in the concrete will evaporate. This means there will be less water available for the hydration of the cement. Hot weather for the purposes of masonry construction is usually considered any ambient temperature over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, or over 90 degrees Fahrenheit if the wind velocity is more than eight miles per hour. There are some additional factors that can affect... View Article

Masonry Restoration vs. Repair: What’s the Difference?

June 18, 2018

Does your masonry need a little TLC? Is it time for repairs or restoration? Many property owners aren’t aware there is a difference. However, the two methods are quite distinct. If you hire a masonry contractor in Racine, WI to renew your masonry, they will either perform one or the other. To understand the difference and determine which you need for your property, use the following guide. Repairs Process: When a masonry contractor in Racine, WI completes masonry repair, he or she will replace damaged sections with new bricks or stones. For crack repairs, caulking is a common solution. With... View Article

Benefits of Masonry Construction

June 4, 2018

When you launch a building project, you have many options for construction materials. What’s the best choice? That typically depends on the type of project, the budget, the location and a host of other factors. However, there are many benefits to choosing masonry construction. Here are the top advantages, with insights from your local masonry contractor in Racine, WI: Durability: Not all construction options can hold up under harsh weather conditions. Intense heat, severe storms and freezing cold can cause extensive damage if the building materials aren’t durable. Fortunately, masonry construction offers great weather resistance to withstand intense beatings and... View Article

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