A Helpful Guide to Protecting Your Chimney from Weather

December 10, 2019

For most people, the chimney in their home has a basic function—that is, to keep smoke from filling the house and suffocating everyone in reach. However, there’s more to the importance of a chimney than just its use as a smokestack. When your chimney isn’t working up to its potential, not only will you have issues with smoke filling your home, but you’ll also have trouble keeping fires lit.

Most chimneys look as sturdy as the foundation of your home, but these ever-important pipelines into your home are constantly battered by wind, rain and snow. You may not give it much thought on a daily basis, but basic chimney protection in Racine, WI could save you a ton of time, money and hassle. Here are some tips to keep your chimney at its best.

Water is the real enemy

Inclement weather comes in all shapes and sizes, especially in Wisconsin, but the one enduring threat facing your chimney is water. True, high winds can be harsh on a chimney. They can loosen bricks and expose weak points in the construction. Excessively high winds can also cause slight bends and shifts in your chimney’s alignment.

That said, whether it’s a light summer rain or a brisk winter snowstorm, moisture is the most pernicious enemy that your chimney must contend with. If moisture sneaks into your chimney, you could experience a myriad of costly issues, including problems with your chimney settling, excessive rust, decaying mortar and so much more.

Therefore, when thinking about weather protection in Racine, WI, mitigating water seepage is priority number one.

Get a chimney cap

The most cost-effective thing you can do to prevent moisture from working its way into your chimney is purchase a rain cap. Left unprotected, water and snow will fall into your chimney and collect on top of your flue. That standing water can wreak havoc on your chimney’s inner workings.

Chimney caps also have the added benefit of keeping out birds and small critters who might try to take up residence.

Monitor your chimney crown

It’s always a good idea to make sure you keep an eye on the visual condition of your chimney’s crown (the part of the chimney that sticks out above your roof). Decay of your chimney crown can open your chimney and your home at large to issues from wind, rain and other pests.

Your chimney secret

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