Update Your Home with Creative Walkways

May 18, 2020

When it comes to decorating your home’s exterior, the sky is the limit these days. Updates and developments in techniques and materials have made it easier than ever to have a home exterior that really lets your personality shine through. It can offset your landscaping in such a way that the entire outside looks integrated and smooth in a way that you perhaps never thought possible.

It’s worth exploring what creative walkway additions in Racine, WI can do for your home, and the team at Langenfeld Masonry & Concrete can implement any plan you dream up—your only limits are your own imagination. We’re excited to provide some quick pointers below to guide your thinking on exterior updates, including walkways.

Integrate walkways with your landscaping

Any outdoor decorative element needs to complement everything around it. An integrated design is much more pleasing to the eye than one that’s more of a hodgepodge, and a creative walkway for your home in Racine, WI is no exception. If your home has a contemporary design, for example, you’ll want to continue to play off of the existing straight lines and angles. However, this does not necessarily mean trying to match that look. Instead, you might go for something complementary but contrasting—for example, you might be able to go with a curved walkway that gives a more welcoming entrance experience for your guests.

Balance function and form

We’d never recommend choosing exclusively form or function—our team of professionals is able to give customers both. However, sometimes customers don’t have function high enough on their list of priorities, which is where we come in. If you have a meandering path that touches on many different beautiful sights, consider placing a bench in a logical location. This can show visitors that you’ve considered a convenient option for seating that also helps them enjoy the beauty of your outdoor space. There are other functional tips you can implement—for instance, widening a path in a certain spot is an old trick we use to let guests know they’ve reached a logical resting point.

Use your imagination

Working with an experienced landscaping partner means having the peace of mind that comes with knowing we can implement whatever you desire. You can really do just about anything with creative walkway additions in Racine, WI. Mixing materials can really give an interesting appearance, for example, as can integrating nature with building materials. Putting down bricks with the understanding that groundcover will eventually overtake the bare spots is a well-known example of this, but there are others you can explore as well.

At Langenfeld Masonry & Concrete, we would be happy to discuss any of these options with you, as our century-plus of experience means you won’t find a better landscaping partner in Wisconsin. We have the expertise and the skills to implement just about any plan our clients can dream up, and we take pride in our ability to do so. Give us a call today and see how we can help turn your dreams into reality and give your home the look you’ve always wanted.

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