How a Retaining Wall Benefits Your Home

December 19, 2020

All of us have spent too much time at home this year, which means we’ve spent a lot of time in our yards as well. We might have some ideas for what fruits and veggies we’re going to put in the garden next year, or we might want to cut down that old oak tree once things settle down a bit. Maybe you’re thinking a bit bigger, and contemplating installing a retaining wall to bring an entirely new look to your entertainment space that makes your outdoor area that much more usable.

Some of the benefits of retaining wall installation in Racine, WI are that it can create a landscaped space you never thought possible, and that it can also significantly boost the resale value of your home.

What is a retaining wall?

A retaining wall is a masonry installation that helps to account for an elevation change in your property. For example, if your home is situated on higher ground, there is probably a retaining wall down at the street level to prevent your yard from spilling down onto the sidewalk.

However, retaining walls can also be used in less purely functional ways. The many retaining wall benefits in Racine, WI include flood control and the ability to segment your yard so deeply-sloped areas can be turned into individual plateaus or terraces that you can use however you see fit.

Retaining walls and patios

Most homeowners might think their backyard is not suited to a patio or entertainment space for one reason or another. A lot of people just don’t have the imagination to see how the area could be transformed to accommodate this type of luxury. Fortunately, that’s where we come in.

Retaining walls can really get your creative juices flowing—you now have a lot more flat space to work with than you ever imagined possible! You can use this new space to create terraces, gardens, walking paths or just an area for Adirondack chairs around a fire pit. The uses and benefits of a retaining wall in Racine, WI are pretty much endless, and we can help you make sense of your vision.

Retaining walls and resale value

Since installing a retaining wall can be a very significant investment, homeowners want to feel confident that they will see a return. Fortunately, the benefits of a retaining wall in Racine, WI include financial dividends. Installing one demonstrates a real commitment to the look and aesthetics of a home, and it can singlehandedly transform your outdoor space. This commonly reflects itself in the price of your home—estimates vary, but many realtors believe installing a nice retaining wall can add as much 15 to 25 percent to the resale value of a property!

Installing a retaining wall is no small feat, but when you partner with a trusted contractor like Langenfeld Masonry & Concrete, the process can be smooth sailing. We have extensive experience in residential masonry, and we also have the skills to help you visualize how we can be of service. Call us today for your free consultation!

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