The 8 Most Common Reasons for Leaky Basements in the Winter

November 18, 2022

When you speak with our professionals at Langenfeld Masonry & Concrete, we will always help you with any and all questions that you have about your basement and why it is suffering from certain types of ailments. Our professionals answer all of the questions that you may have, and also provide the solutions that you need to keep your roof safe no matter what you are facing. 

Do Basements Leak in Winter? 

There is a multitude of reasons why a basement might leak in winter. You are not alone if you have asked yourself: "why does my basement leak in the Winter?" Many people have experienced this, and it can be chalked up for various reasons. 

Basements Melt Snow

One thing to never forget is that basements radiate heat, which can melt the snow surrounding the basement. If that is the case, then you can fully expect some of that snow to melt and leak into your basement. A better-insulated basement might be the answer here. Additionally, it might be useful to try to lower the temperature in the basement as much as possible. Otherwise, you may see the leaking issue return to your doorstep time and time again. 

Wrong Type of Soil 

The right type of soil will help the ground irrigate properly, but having the wrong type of soil around your home can have the opposite result. You may find that your basement leaks when the soil has not been converted to a more effective type of soil. 

The best type of soil to have near the basement is clay soil. It is great at keeping water and leaks out, and that is all you need to worry about when it is a soil problem causing the leaks in your basement. 

Cracks in the Basement

Even the smallest of cracks can lead to a leaking basement. If you notice these start to crop up, it is best to get them handled as quickly as you possibly can. The reality is that a small crack can convert into a much larger crack in a short period of time. People have seen what started as a small issue transform into something much bigger when they don’t take the necessary steps to get it taken care of. 

Clogged Drain

A clogged drain in the house may eventually spill out into the basement. A leaky basement may result from not paying close enough attention to the piping in the rest of the house. If you experience this, you need to get a plumber out right away to unclog the drain. It may be possible to use commercially-available products for less serious clogs, but you don’t want to risk it when the clog is more serious. Get someone out there who knows what they are doing and can help you with this problem immediately. It is their job to do so, and you need that kind of professional assistance today. 

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