Make Use of Those Extra Bricks

June 23, 2021

If you have extra bricks lying around, don’t throw them away. Reuse them instead! There are plenty of amazing things you could create with extra bricks, including fire pits, waterfalls, walking paths and more. You’ll have a beautiful new addition to your yard and avoid wasting good material. Read on for plenty of ideas on what you could do with those extra bricks:

  • Create an elegant waterfall: A brick waterfall is the perfect addition to any yard. They’re elegant and offer the perfect place for birds to congregate on a summer day. These sculptures are also relatively easy to build. While brick waterfalls can vary in size, it’s important to make sure you have enough on hand before starting construction.
  • Lay down a beautiful walkway: Impress all your neighbors by installing a brick walkway through your backyard. Imagine spending your weekends strolling along this walkway while looking at your garden. Brick walkways are easy to customize and install. If you want to save time and avoid mistakes, however, it’s best to work with a local masonry contractor.
  • Design the perfect fire pit: Fire pits are great to have during any season. Having a beautiful fire pit will make your home the perfect place for parties and family gatherings. Unlike other structures on this list, fire pits only require bricks for construction. Almost anyone can build a fire pit in their yard. It’s important to take several safety precautions when building your fire pit, though. For starters, be sure to keep the pit away from any potential fire hazards, which might include trees, bushes and more. Also, keep your fire pit at least 20 feet away from your home or other nearby structures.
  • Give your kids a painting project: Those extra bricks offer the perfect opportunity for your kids to release their creative side. Get some non-toxic paint and enjoy a day of painting bricks with your family. You may even want to display some of the art pieces you’ve created with your extra bricks.
  • Make your own outdoor grill: This project requires reusing a few more old bricks than most of the others mentioned on this list. However, you’ll get plenty of use from a brick outdoor grill. Outdoor grills are perfect for hosting summer barbecues, cooking traditional pizzas and much more.
  • Beautifully display your flowers: A brick planter is the perfect place to plant flowers, vegetables and more. These structures are easy to construct and often only require the stacking of bricks. There are also many benefits to planting your flowers in a brick planter. For example, brick planters help keep out pests and materials that might damage your plants.

If you want to reuse your old bricks but are lacking in tools and experience, contact a local masonry contractor. Allowing professionals to take care of all the construction and installation of brick structures will help save plenty of time.

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