Building a Backyard Fire Pit

July 6, 2021

A fire pit is an excellent addition to almost any backyard. You can gather around a fire pit with friends and family for a fun get-together. You could also relax by a fire pit with a cool drink after a hard day’s work. There are many reasons you might want to add a fire pit to your backyard!

While it’s often a good idea to have a residential masonry expert build the fire pit for you, it’s possible to build one on your own. All you’ll need is the right equipment, good instructions and plenty of time to dedicate to the project. Read on for more information on building your own backyard fire pit.

Get the right equipment

Building a quality backyard fire pit requires several pieces of equipment, which is why many people choose to call in professionals. Some of the equipment required to build a fire pit is expensive, although you can sometimes rent what you need. Some of the supplies you’ll need will include a wheelbarrow, shovel, level, lava rock, paver base and construction adhesive. It’s also important to invest in proper safety equipment, including safety glasses and gloves.

Pick a good spot

It’s important to pick the perfect spot for your fire pit before starting construction. You want to make sure it’s located far enough away from your home to prevent fire damage. Most experts recommend placing a fire pit at least 10 feet away from the home. You should also avoid constructing the fire pit near any trees or fences. It’s best to install your fire pit on a level surface.

Choosing the right type of fire pit

There are several different types of fire pits, and each requires different construction techniques. Fire pit rings, for example, are often available in easy-to-use kits. These kits usually feature all the materials you need, as well as step-by-step instructions. In-ground fire pits are another popular option. These fire pits are a bit more complicated to construct, and involve a lot of prep work and digging. That said, in-ground fire pits offer a modern look and allow for more creativity than fire pit rings.

Some people opt for a customized fire pit. You can design these pits to your exact specifications, and they are usually easy to construct. Just be sure to do the proper planning before starting construction. That means making sure you have all the right materials and equipment on hand.

Finding a masonry service

Some fire pits are easy to construct without much knowledge or experience. However, if you want to ensure your fire pit is installed correctly, or if you have more complex plans and aren’t interested in working on the project yourself, it’s best to hire a professional masonry company. A masonry service can help you design and plan construction for your perfect fire pit. They will also offer the best advice when it comes to placement of your fire pit. Masonry experts have all the right equipment and materials on hand, so you won’t have to worry about purchasing those items.

If you need help building a fire pit, contact the experts at Langenfeld Masonry & Concrete today.

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