Drain Tile 101: What Is It and How Does It Work?

March 18, 2022

Drain Tile 101: What Is It and How Does It Work?

The last thing you want to worry about is water coming into your basement when it rains a lot. A drain tile system can be installed in your new home to make sure that groundwater, such as rain, doesn’t enter your home. A drain tile is not what it sounds like. It is, rather, a system made up of perforated PVC pipes that lie beneath the foundation of a home.

Drain Tile Defined

If you are asking “What is a drain tile?”, you should know that it consists of pipes underneath the foundation of your home with the purpose of collecting groundwater so it won’t enter into your home. Drain pipes are set up to direct the water in a different direction from the foundation of your home. It can also direct the water into a pit and allow a sump pump to carry it away from your home.

Drain tiles can be put around the inside or outside of your house’s foundation. They can also be installed under the slab floor. Drain tile systems are good for creating a way for water to follow. By doing this, water will not be as likely to enter your home through your basement through cracks in your slab or foundation.

Drain Tiles in Action

Drain tile systems consist of PVC pipes with holes in them to carry water into them. Once the foundation of your new home has been put down, a drain tile should be installed later. Pipes are normally installed in a trench located on the side of the footer.

Are you wondering how does a drain tile work? Washed gravel covers the drain tile. It is imperative that the gravel is big enough so it cannot enter through the holes in the pipe. However, it must still be able to filter out the water as it comes into the pipe.

A porous fabric is used to cover the tile, which enables the water to flow in and keep any soil out. The soil will then be put on top of the pipe.

Is a Drain Tile Necessary?

It is a very good idea to consider having a drainage system installed if you are in the process of having a new home built. This will act as an additional layer of protection so you can have peace of mind. Drain tile systems are simple to install as long as they are completed during the beginning phases of home construction.

Is your existing home beginning to show water problem signs? If this is your case, a drain tile can be retrofitted to get rid of your water issue. However, this can be extremely expensive and requires a lot of intense labor. This also means that you will have to excavate your basement.


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