The Top 5 Benefits of Working in the Concrete Industry

December 23, 2022

Why should I work in concrete construction? There are many reasons why you should consider this as a career. Concrete construction workers build roads, walls, floors, foundations, and much more with concrete. If you are energetic, active, and looking for a rewarding career, this is probably a good career move for you.

Benefits of Becoming a Concrete Construction Worker

If you are looking for reasons to work in concrete construction, here are the top 5 benefits of working in the concrete industry.


One of the biggest benefits of working in the concrete industry is that you can enjoy hands-on work. Many people prefer hands-on careers to jobs where you have to spend most of your time sitting behind a computer screen. Concrete workers build foundations and other projects using their hands. This means that every day is an exciting day.

Increase in Demand

Construction is full of opportunities. Homes, hospitals, schools, factories, and roads are always going to need to be built, or even renovated. In a nutshell, there is a high demand for construction jobs and always will be. There is currently a shortage of concrete finishers, and this alone has created the need for more people to find a job in this field.

Chance To Move Up

There are many different opportunities in the construction industry alone. If you are okay with spending the rest of your life as a concrete finisher, that is totally fine. But, many people would love the opportunity to turn their current positions into more distinguished ones. As many older workers begin to retire or switch duties, more and more leadership positions are becoming available. So, if you are looking to eventually land a job as a site or project manager, chances are high that you will be given the chance.

Great Pay

Concrete finishers receive excellent salaries. They average $58,046 annually. This equals about $27.91 an hour. Additionally, concrete finishers can take advantage of incentives for overtime and travel, which can increase the amount they take home.

Opportunity To Make a Change

Everyone would love the chance to make a change in the world. A career as a concrete finisher can provide workers with the chance to really make an impact on the lives of others. Being able to build various things in construction means that the community you are building in will gain lasting benefits. Students will be taught in these schools, and families will grow old in these homes. The benefits of working in concrete construction are endless. 

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