What Are Drain Tiles in Racine, WI?

August 6, 2018

Unless you’re in the construction industry or have been heavily involved in the process of building a home, you’ve probably never heard of a drain tile. But if you plan on ever building a house for yourself, you might want to take a little time to find out what they are! Continue reading to learn some of the key facts about drain tiles in Racine, WI.

What do drain tiles do?

Drain tiles are invaluable in protecting your home’s foundation from moisture and flooding issues. Drain tiles collect water around your foundation and move it away from your home. This water can either go to a sump pump or, if your home is on a steep incline, can just flow downhill from your house. You’ll notice that drain tiles never really have all that much water flowing through them, but isn’t it better for that trickle of water to be coming from your drain tile than sitting at the foundation of your house?

What are drain tiles made of?

A drain tile is really nothing more than a plastic pipe with holes that is surrounded by stone. Water gets in the pipe through these holes and then flows away from your foundation. As you can imagine, the weight of the soil on top of the pipe is really heavy. That’s why the stone is there—to protect the pipe from being crushed. It’s a simple device that’s been used in various ways since ancient times, but it certainly does the trick to keep your foundation dry.

What happens if I don’t have a drain tile?

As we’ve seen above, drain tiles work to eliminate any water around your foundation or in your basement. So, as you can imagine, a house without a drain tile has a greater risk of flooding, especially if your home isn’t built high on a hill. Even if your basement doesn’t flood, too much water around the foundation can cause cracking and other serious issues that’ll require significant repair.

Keep in mind that drain tiles in Racine, WI aren’t the only things that protect you from flooding. Assuming you have one, your sump pump had better be working to get all of that water far away from your foundation. If it’s been a while since you’ve had your foundation checked, you may want to consider giving us a call. We’ll inspect your foundation to ensure that there’s no damage that’s caused by a malfunctioning sump pump or improper drain tile installation.

Prevent drain tile clogs

All of that dirt on top of your drain tile can present issues down the road. If clumps of soil get in through the holes, you could wind up with a clog, which means that your drain tile won’t work as it should. Make sure your drain tile is installed by a professional who will properly cover your pipe to reduce the risk of clogs.

Not all homes need drain tiles. However, wouldn’t you sleep better at night if you had one? Give Langenfeld Masonry & Concrete a call today to start planning out the installation of your new drain tile, and avoid needless worry about flooding in your basement or damage to your foundation.

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