Six Reasons to Seal Your Concrete Driveway

November 26, 2020

The assault of winter weather is about to wreak havoc on your concrete driveway. If you wish to lessen the blow, it is time to apply concrete driveway sealer and help your driveway survive yet another winter in Racine, WI. Now is a good time to seal your concrete driveway before the most severe precipitation hits. Here are six reasons to make this project a priority:

  • Improved durability: Your concrete driveway is strong, but it’s not impervious. As it’s exposed to the elements, it will start to crack, scale and even bulge and sink. This is due to built-up moisture, which can be reduced with a good concrete driveway sealer. Besides moisture, UV rays also beat down on your driveway and weaken its surface. Once sealed, your driveway is less vulnerable to the elements and less likely to show signs of damage.
  • Long-term service: A stronger driveway lasts longer. The average concrete driveway lasts 25 to 30 years, but if it discolors or cracks, you’ll likely have to replace it much sooner than you’ll be ready to make the financial investment. If you seal the driveway, it is much more likely to last up to 30 years and give you one fewer home repair project to worry about every day.
  • Reduced mold: We are all wary of mold growing in our homes, and you should keep it away from your driveway as well. Concrete is a porous material that absorbs most moisture, and if it doesn’t dry, it grows mold. The growth of mold and mildew leave green discoloration, which is never good for your home’s curb appeal. If you let this go on long enough, your only solution is to replace your driveway. Rather than face this ordeal, seal the concrete and prevent mold and mildew growth.
  • Additional protection: So far, we’ve gone into how natural elements affect your driveway, but those are not the only dangers lurking around it. Spills are up on that list too. Motor oil, pesticides, weed killers and other chemicals are rough on your driveway.  They can discolor it as well as damage the surface. You can give your driveway another layer of protection from these less natural elements by sealing it.
  • Enhanced appearance: Whether you choose colored or stamped concrete for your driveway, we are guessing that you wish to preserve that neat look. Colors and stamps are more susceptible to damage than flat driveways, and stains tend to stand out even more. If you seal the driveway, it will look better and you will enjoy unique design elements longer.
  • Options: You have the option of choosing a plain sealer, or sealers that add color or gloss. No matter what you choose, sealers offer water-repellent properties and protection that your driveway will not enjoy without a sealer. If you wish to throw in a little imagination as well, sealing your driveway with color gives you that chance!

Langenfeld Masonry & Concrete offers concrete services in Racine, WI. We are available to seal your concrete driveway so it can look nice and last longer. Call us today to schedule an estimate.

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